Haley Kalil | Beauty Evolution


Model Haley Kalil talks about her body journey and getting lifted up from the positivity of other models. @haleyybaylee
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  1. Yeahh. i really love this gorgeous beauty. Haley is amazing. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💞💕💗💖💘💝💟💟💟

  2. “I have acne, I have stretch marks, I have…..” 20 yr old beauty queen!!!! You have no idea what young girls put up with! Stop talking rot!

  3. Hi that’s me!!!! Such an honor to sit in that room and talk about these things ❤ to anyone struggling with body image, YOU ARE FREAKING 🔥🔥 and you should be so proud to be you every single day!

  4. Back in the day, sports illustrated was the bomb. Their videos were getting tons of views and their models were the talk of the town. When they decided to go woke, started featuring “models” bigger than a refrigerator, it all went downhill. Nowadays, their videos get a couple of thousand views. small time youtubers get waaay more views

    • The videos are free content. They’re not in competition with those creators. Aside from that, you can consider the manipulated numbers on this platform, and question its integrity.

  5. Haley, when I see you chatting vs some of the other swimmie gals just getting their bods picture snapped, you come across as having a great personality and a really fun person. I had a girlfriend who looked a lot like you years ago, but even though I see you like a bit of history, you can poke fun of yourself and just have a good time which was something I never enjoyed with that person. You keep up those antics. They are your hidden treasure.
    Love from Australia.


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