Kathy Jacobs On What Winning Swim Search Means For Women Over 50


Still in shock, Kathy Jacobs dishes on winning
Swim Search in an exclusive Q&A:


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  2. Seeing how gorgeous Kathy looks makes me wish Sport’s Illustrated had Denise Austin on board for a photoshoot. At 60+, she looks INCREDIBLE.

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  4. There’s a woman in my apartment building in her 50’s who kind of looks like this. Absolutely gorgeous. She takes care of herself. I see her in my apartment building’s gym every day working out. I also often look out my window and see her riding her bike or jogging. There’s no magical formula, really. If she just let herself go, I guess she would look like most women in the fifties. I don’t know if she has kids that are grown up or if she has no kids and has never been married. She lives alone. All I can say is she looks great.

  5. She does look 56. That’s the cool thing. If you’re over 50 and you look really good, you can’t do it by looking ‘young’ any more. And if you do it by thinking like a young person, no one mature wants to be around you. I know a chick, who is like her in my town. She’s way too advanced for someone like me. I go to another part of town now to get coffee. A woman like that changes the people around her. And you’ll become a better person if you can get away from her and her wrecking ball. Circle K coffee is 1/3 the price of the coffee at the cafe. Better coffee, and staff is first rate, too.

  6. To look that good at 57 you are gorgeous woman I’m 57 and I don’t look half as good as you whatever you’re doing keep it up and tell your husband shut up you’re lucky to have you

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  8. You go girl! You are amazingly beautiful and obviously stay in great shape! I am 58 and have kept in top shape. Staying in shape create’s big energy,and I know you feel it too! Have you stayed in shape all your adult life?


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  10. Seeing how gorgeous and stunning Kathy Jacobs looks, they should bring back Heidi Klum, Rachel Hunter, Christie Brinkley, Kathy Ireland, Rebecca Romijn, Ashley Richardson and, of course, Elle MacPherson.


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