World’s Hottest Bikini Models


Netsport Media Showreel: Shot for World Swimsuit in Borneo, Malaysia

Models: Nicole Meyer
Careen Truter
Candice Boucher
Michelle Vawer
Catrinel Marlon
Lera Korystka
Rosette Ncwana
Jaden Robinson
Genevieve Morton
Derryn Lester

Photographers: Gavin Bond
Jacques Weyers

Cameramen: Jason Hearn & Eldon Van Aswegen
Editor: Richard Hughes

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  1. She is beautiful she’s got it all she’s hot she’s sexy she makes the stuff she got on look sexy on her damn it’s all I’m going to say she is hot

  2. no such thing… just take 1000 18-teen year old girls and there are many top models in the group. it’s called “youth” …

  3. Some very decent looking women for sure, but have doubts about the hottest.YouTube has hotter haul models than these.

  4. World’s Hottest Bikini Model? Oh, pleeeeaaassseee! Are you serious right now? They all looksjust like the other models!!!! In fact, some of these ladies are not even up to par to be called that! Period!!! ??????????


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