Kate Upton’s 2024 Swimsuit Situation Cowl Photograph Shoot



Kate Upton was photographed by Yu Tsai in Mexico for the 60th Anniversary situation. View her gallery right here.
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  1. Well Well look who’s back😊 she still hasn’t let being a mother keep her out of shape. Loved her in her era of S.I…with all do respect..S.I. Swim 2023 was a letdown..I missed models like Kate

  2. Verlander decent looking guy and Kate is a natural beauty..their daughter will be a future S.I. Model …just you wait 😏

  3. Kate Upton so hottt today show rules Kelly ripa should star on magazineand glad to give y’all ideas let’s make history

  4. It’s so great to see her back but you would think we could get more than just 50 seconds of BTS footage after so many years 😭

  5. She looks even better now. Her beauty is just more mature and womanly and her body looks fit like she works out

  6. Still can’t believe Verlander got to breed her….luckiest guy on the face of the earth. That must have felt amazing!


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