2017 SIS Miami Swim Week: #SISwimSearch Models Heat Up The Runway


For the first time ever, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit took over Miami Swim Week at SWIMMIAMI. Watch the runway show where
Swimsuit debuted the all-new 2018 Sports Illustrated Swim and Active collections.

Intimates bring you the latest and sexiest swimsuit models in the most exotic locations around the world:

Take a look behind the scenes with
Swimsuit Uncovered where we give you an exclusive sneak peek at some of our biggest shoots, with the most beautiful and sexy women:

Swimsuit is celebrating the season with some super sexy Summer of Swim content. Get close to some of the biggest and hottest models around, including Nina Agdal, Samantha Hoopes, Hannah Ferguson and more:

Stunning swimsuit models wearing nothing but paint? Our playful girls show you how body painting can make for some of the hottest swimwear:

Swimsuit’s athletes’ shoots, you can see some of your favorite athletes like you never have before. Amazing videos featuring Ronda Rousey, Caroline Wozniacki, Lindsey Vonn, Alex Morgan and more:

Get an up close look at Kate Upton like you haven’t seen before. More than just one of the sexiest cover girls around, find out and see everything you need, from this iconic swimsuit model:

Check out all of the latest photo shoots, interviews and intimate looks at super model Gigi Hadid. She’s not only gorgeous, but she knows how to show off a bikini:

Don’t miss a moment of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, and get even more
Swimsuit content with our Swim Daily and Summer of Swim series. Browse videos of top models and athletes in the latest sexy swimwear. Get a behind the scene look at our latest castings, bikini photo shoots, and exclusive interviews with all of your favorite girls. We have the latest hot swimsuit models, from Gigi Hadid and Nina Agdal, to Kate Upton and many more.

2017 SIS Miami Swim Week: #SISwimSearch Models Heat Up The Runway


  1. I fail to see what the runway contributes to the form of photoshoots SIS actually does… might as well compare apples and bacon strips.

  2. You know she wiggles like a glow worm
    Dance like a spinning top
    She’s got a crazy partner
    Oughta see them reel an rock
    Long as she’s got a dime
    The music will never stop
    Roll over Beethoven
    Roll over Beethoven
    Roll over Beethoven
    Roll over Beethoven
    Roll over Beethoven
    Dig to these rhythm and blues

  3. I support all body types but modeling is a job , girls training hard and getting payed for it is how it should be. Especially if its a sport magazine.

  4. I wish they disabled the comment section because people are being absolute trolls? beautiful girls with banging bodies ??

  5. Aaaand now more people understand why designers go for the tall, skinny, pretty models. Those cottage cheese waddling abominations are quite the contrast to them. Overall it was a pretty unprofessional show, but even the amateur thin girls who had no idea what they were doing looked stunning in comparison. Also I don’t understand why they are doing the high heel walk barefoot, that makes no sense. Who put this show together? 5 year olds?

  6. Let’s be real…everybody likes curvy women. They are only demonized cause some are insecure with their own body and it’s easy to attack them.??

  7. America is getting so fat that there’s not enough normal-sized models left. In 15 years, SIS models will be rolling down the runway on mobility carts for the obese because too few people can still walk.

  8. What man would put a poster of the fat ones in their room???  What man would pay to see fat, out of shape, obese, lazy to work out, eat too much, women to parade around???


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