Meet Your Cowl Mannequin: Padma Lakshmi 2023


2023 Swimsuit mannequin Padma Lakshmi is reflecting on magnificence, growing old and what it means to be a girl.

“I realized an important lesson as a younger girl, that magnificence is basically arbitrary, and so is vogue,” she stated. “What’s essential is that you just really feel stunning it doesn’t matter what.”
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  1. Ladies, it takes a lot of very hard work to look as good as Padma does at 52. Not only physical work but spiritual and emotional efforts as well. This beauty is hard earned and not off the shelf ready.

  2. This woman is perfection, to me at least. She has kids and is more than twice as old as the other models (not to mention that some of them are mutilated and VERY confused as to what a woman is), yet she blows them all away. Not only that, but she is a great chef and her books are very good, too. While I think some of the choices for the bikini issue are a joke, she more than makes up for it.

  3. Any woman can grow her breasts. All you need is some implants they don’t show her butt because it looks like a 52 year old but T you can find all the implanted women you want on the Internet why waste my time sending me this message.


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